Pure water equipment & Air showers Room

ISO22716 (GMP) certified factory

Class 100,000 Cleanroom

Class 100,000 Cleanroom is the sixth classification type of the FED-STD-209 classification standard, the Class 100000 Cleanroom corresponds to the Class 8 Cleanroom of the ISO standard.
The maximum allowable particles for particles for a Class 100000 Cleanroom are below:
0.5 µm : 100000 per cubic foot
5 µm : 700 per cubic foot

Pure water equipment
Membrane tube removal capacity(%):
Monovalent ion>95
Multivalent ions>98
Heavy metal≧98
Organic compounds(weight>200)>99
Bacteria (weight>1000)>99
Pyrogen (weight>1000)>99
Strict raw materials quality control

The raw materials we use are imported from Europe, USA and Japan, which comply with all kinds of legal requirements established by their respective governments such as FDA, EEC and global standards. We only use famous branded materials because we certainly believe that the success of a product depends on the quality of its raw materials.